In addition to website work we provide full IT services to many of our clients. Once you get to know us chances are you'll have us doing much more than just your website! We are a proponent of open source software which will not only handle your business needs but also save you money in the process.


Locally hosted or in the cloud? Microsoft Exchange or the open source Zimbra? We've done them all, setup, maintenance, backups, moving your server.

Regardless of if you have a handful of people in the office or hundreds our email will grow with your company. You will have enterprise level capabilities and reliability at a price you can afford.


Our phone systems are based on open source technology. This allows us to set up any scenario you would like, custom to your firm at an affordable price. Call centers? Multiple locations? Forwarding/cell phone integration? These are just some of the options available. If the phone company can do it so can we!


In todays world companies now longer have a server for each application. Virtualization and a push to the cloud has taken over. We've got you covered here. We have experience with multiple options including Vmware and the open source Proxmox.


When it comes to your physical network - the wires, switches and routers we've got you covered. We can bridge multiple offices and pull in remote employees as if they were sitting next to you.

We can handle your wiring needs through existing walls and during new construction. These will get terminated into the appropriate patch panels and switches throughout your building(s).


The days of the giant office xerox and expensive tech calls are behind us. Regardless if you have a few printers or hundreds of them we can set them up, roll them out across your network and allow any user to print anywhere on your network.


If you've only got a few computers or a few hundred we can set them up, manage them centrally, handle those anoying updates and push software to them without ever having to touch the machine. This not only keeps your employees productive during the day but ensures their activities fall within company policy.

We are also well versed at repairing any issues that may arise, multiple monitor setups, backups and recovering lost data from a crashed system.